iCluster SubCellular Localisation Image Visualiser

Image Sets

Built with Processing

This an iCluster visualision applet created to accompany the paper:

Statistical and visual differentiation of high throughput subcellular imaging, N. Hamilton, J. Wang, M.C. Kerr and R.D. Teasdale, BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:94.

Note: This is a cut down version of iCluster used on a small image set designed to run on any system. iCluster will handle much larger sets depending on the graphic card of your system. Sets of up to 1500 images have been simultaneously visualised on a modern notebook computer.

A movie showing the full version of iCluster in use can be found here (25M).

Press Select/Deselect All to show or hide all images.


View/Hide an Image Class Mouse click on the check box for that class
Zoom In/Out Right mouse drag
Rotate/Translate View Left mouse drag
Switch between 2D/3D view Click 'Toggle 2D/3D"

User Manual

A user manual may be found here.

Image Data Set

The image set shown is fluorescent imaging of the protein SNX1 under treated/untreated conditions. SNX1 is an endosomal protein. The treatment was with Nocodazole which disrupts the microtubule network and hence inhibits endosomal transport. Images (c) 2008 Markus Kerr.

To enable running in a applet, images have been scaled to 25% of their original size.

An early prototype applet may be viewed here.

(c) 2009 Nicholas Hamilton. All rights reserved.

Built with Processing