iCluster SubCellular Localisation Image Visualiser

Image Sets
Image sets created to accompany the paper:

Statistical and visual differentiation of high throughput subcellular imaging, N. Hamilton, J. Wang, M.C. Kerr and R.D. Teasdale, BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:94.

Image Set A: 500 images of 10 subcellular localisations
Image Set B: Nocodazole treated/untreated images of the endosomal protein SNX1
Image Set C: Cells expressing the endosome/lysosome marker LAMP1 imaged on two consecutive days

The downloads include all necessary files to load the images, with their classes distinguised, into iCluster.

Please reference the above paper if you find the image sets useful in your research.

(c) 2009 Nicholas Hamilton. All rights reserved.